Know the Impact of Digital Assistants in Marketing a Business

In a conference that dates back to 2016, Google announced that 1 in every 5 searches made from Android phones was a voice search. The report also stated that 38.5% of millennials are using voice-enable digital assistants for their maximum convenience.

Since then, the numbers are getting surpassed each day. The proliferation of digital assistants is visible among users. This is why a majority of small businesses are opting for this seo services in Canada to level up their online game. To be precise, welcome to the era of Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and so on!

It is easily understandable that if you want to stay ahead of your rival, deploy voice search optimization in your business. It is an excellent method to promote a business locally within a shoe-string budget. If you are contemplating on this seo services in Canada, learn the benefits mentioned below.seo services in Canada

More Meaningful Recommendations

That’s true.

When people voice search, they tend to get more meaningful recommendations. This, in turn, will benefit the businesses that serve a local customer base. For instance, the answer to ‘Restaurants near me’ will be the list of eateries which are based on that location.

So, if your local SEO is on point, your business will be leading the search engine recommendations. Take help of SEO analysts adept in voice search optimization to benefit the business and users at once.

Improved Market Opportunities

With more and more visibility, businessmen are exploring newer avenues in the market to survive the cutthroat competition. Digital assistants are aiding marketers to improve their sales within in real-time. However, a good section of them are outsourcing agencies that offer seo services in Canada of this sort.

New Forms of Advertisements

Voice assistants are excellent in push sale of a product or service. For this reason, advertisers are tapping into this facility to market brands of both large and small scale. Users now can personalize the ads in order to cut down the redundancy. However, in order to get favored by users, you need to brainstorm innovative ways for promotional purposes. In such a case,  we highly recommend professional help.

Enhanced Personalization

People who use digital assistants to do their daily work often opt for personalization for their best interest. Understanding the importance, you can be their product too. All you need to do is come up with content that are aligned with users’ needs and wants. Make sure to provide insights and add a touch of personalization to boost your sales.


Better Customer Retention

With the features and impacts mentioned, this seems to be the direct positive outcome of deploying digital assistants in business. AI-enabled digital assistants gather all information of customers without breaching the aspect of security. These assistants can monitor the market competition and help you to do strategize accordingly.

From increasing brand awareness among users to pitch in more sales, the emergence of digital assistants has a profound impact to leverage your business to the core. However, in order to get the most of this impeccable Toronto SEO company, you may device the following hacks:

  1. Improve page speed by integrating the element of AMPs. i.e. accelerated mobile pages.
  2. Curate content with long tail keywords that are relevant and conversational. Keep the write-ups within 2000 to 3000 words.
  3. Try to dominate the SERPs by crafting quirky snippets.
  4. Make your website mobile friendly as 30% of the  voice searches are made from smartphones.

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 Final Note:

In this digitized den, a digital assistant is a true confidant. People are using such assistants to improve their lifestyle by bringing in innovation and maximum convenience. Capitalize on such advantages and contextualize your business with voice search optimization to reach the masses seamlessly.

To know more about digital assistants and voice search optimization, contact us.