5 Key Features To Consider When Choosing A Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System is a solution designed to modernize the reception of visitors in the company. This module allows you to simplify the management of your visitors while improving access control. It also helps to renew its welcome system and reinforces the image of its organization.

visitor management

  1. The challenges of visitor access control

Postmen, delivery people, suppliers, customers, maintenance technicians, candidates for a job. Your company receives a large number of visits every day.

The reception and management of visitors is a real challenge for organizations, which must be concerned with both their image and their security:

  • Reception system nonexistent, overloaded or too expensive
  • Reception by security personnel without training or exclusive dedication
  • Poor communication of information regarding planned visits
  • Unsafe methods (registration of paper visits, poor surveillance, etc.)
  • Increased risk in case of unscheduled or anonymous visits
  • Little knowledge of the visitors present in the facilities, etc.

It is a solution, integrated with Security modules, allows you to simplify the reception of visitors and maintain the security of the building and its staff.

visitor management

  1. The access solution that modernizes visits to your facilities

Visitor Management System is a versatile software solution that guarantees:

  • A modern reception, which operates autonomously or together with the reception staff
  • The creation of different visitor profiles
  • The implementation of specific reception procedures depending on the nature of the visitor: unique access code for a delivery person, personalized treatment for a customer, etc.
  • Rapid identification of planned visitors or data registration in the case of unscheduled visits
  • The update and publication of the visit program
  • The security of visitor procedures: mandatory signature of a digitized record book
  • The traceability of visits

visitor management

  1. Manage planned or unplanned visits with total security

Your employees can plan their visits to the Visitor Management System module:

  • Prior registration of visits by persons authorized to receive visitors
  • Visualization of the planned visits according to their type: ongoing, future, cancelled, finished
  • Creation of a visit form with the signature option
  • Synchronization of the collaborator’s Outlook © calendar
  • The visitor automatically receives a confirmation e-mail that includes a unique identification QR code. An e-mail is also sent to you as a reminder on the eve of your visit.

The software also allows to manage unforeseen visits:

  • Autonomous or assisted registration of the identity of the visitor (name, surname, the reason for the visit, etc.)
  • Card printing
  • Notification to the collaborator who receives the visit

visitor management

  1. Simplify and modernize the reception of visitors 

It is an interactive touch terminal that allows you to easily and efficiently manage the reception of visitors. It gives the visitor the possibility of:

  • Identify on arrival, registering directly at the terminal or scanning the QR code received during the previous registration
  • Consult the safety instructions
  • Take a picture to complete your visit form
  • Sign the digital visit register directly at the terminal.

When the visit is over, the visitor will only have to sign on the terminal’s touch screen to close the visit.

visitor management

  1. Identify the visitors

The collaborator receives an SMS or e-mail alert to notify him of his visitor’s arrival in real-time.

Visitors have a personalized card to distinguish them from other staff members easily. You can register several card models beforehand and print them automatically in groups or by units.

Visitor Management System allows us the return of the cards at the end of the visit. Thanks to the installation of a card collection device.